Justice or Not..?

As I was having my breakfast today worrying about the upcoming exams.. I saw the newspaper. It’s front page covered with the latest judgement of the honourable Supreme Court of India . THE SUPREME COURT HAD UPHELD THE DEATH SENTENCE OF THE CONVICTS OF THE NIRBHAYA RAPE CASE.

Finally.. I thought. And I was reminded of the uneventful day of 16th December, 2012 when this gruesome incident had happened. 

As I sit right now.. thinking and blogging.. it’s hard to find the correct words to describe my emotions. Five long years.. isn’t it too long..? 

Too long to provide justice..? Imagine the pain of the victim’s family.. her friends.. and along with them the hopes of so many other victims and the entire nation… so so much pain.. anger.. 

Isn’t it too late that there should be quick judgements regarding such gruesome crimes that put the entire humanity to shame? 


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